Dainty & Name Necklaces – Fashion Series

Less is more —the Fascinating minimalism

Simplicity and complexity are the two extremes of fashion industry’s eternal cycle. While the jewelry with complex patterns and exaggerated pieces bring a visual feast, the simple, lightly decorated minimalist dainty necklaces,bracelets,earrings bring a sense of modernity and coolness especially in the hot summer days.

You can choose from the following styles of accessories to bring a touch of freshness to the scorching summer heat.

  1. Geometric dainty necklaces

Ultra-modern and minimalist design, composed of elegant lines and rings, these necklaces are made of 925 sterling silver and decorated with details to make you look chic.

2Alphabet series

Whether it’s just 925 Sterling silver or rose gold/gold-plated silver, with a variety of combinations of patterns and letters, it brings you a huge range of styles. Personalized customization makes it much more meaningful and has won the heart of many fashion bloggers.


3Twisted lines series

The most modern yet classy series is the Twisted lines series. Whether the lines are simply twisted or twisted in a way that forms an object, both ways it doesn’t look and feel weird at all.

4.  Imaginative comic series

Whether it is an animal, a plant, a flower, or just anything, it can be made into a hollow or three-dimensional shape which can be used as a centerpiece for both bracelets and necklaces. For example, the most common elements in summer, cactus, pineapple, hedgehog etc. can be made into bracelets or necklaces, very cute and lively.


5Basic bar necklace series

Designers have to use a lot of creativity to produce different styles with a small rectangular shape. Whether it is inlaid with shells, or engraved with words of encouragement, or hand-painted with different things, it will definitely make you different in the crowd.


6Multi-layer tape series

In recent years, layered and stacked accessories are becoming more of a thing and it can easily be done with minimalist dainty jewelery. It gives you a unique charm and a subtle sexy look.

No matter how the fashion changes, the simple and unpretentious style can perfectly integrate in your daily life. When you don’t know how to choose the right accessory, dainty jewelry is the right answer.

Here are are few handpicked categories of dainty & name necklaces:

A Fashion Bracelet with USB Feature!

In the past, everyone used to go out with three things: cell phone, keys and wallet. With the development of technology, smart password fingerprint locks replaced the keys, and cashless payment methods replaced wallets. Now our lives are all driven by mobile phones.

I believe everyone knows the fear that is associated with the icon below.

As long as you use your mobile phone outside, this problem will inevitably occur! For a friend who has “nomophobia – ‘no-mobile phobia”, this can’t be endured for a second! So most people will choose to bring charging cables with them. But here comes another problem:  the charging cable that is randomly thrown inside the bag often takes ages to find and is often inextricably linked with the headphone cable, such as this:

Another problem is that no matter how many data lines you buy, you can’t avoid it eventually disappearing! You know what I am talking about.

However, all of this has a solution, wearable USB cable!


It looks like a braided bracelet but in fact it is a data cable. It comes in a variety of colors, from bright red, low-key black to cool camouflage green. The interface covers the type-c(iPhone), and the micro-USB (Android)


With this USB cable bracelet, you can charge your dead phone whether you are out for an afternoon tea, outdoor adventure, work or travel. It’s convenient and classy at the same time.

Wedding Rings – Everything you need to know

Three tips to help you choose the perfect wedding bands:

The diamond ring is the ring full of surprises and big flashes, and the wedding bands are the one that will accompany you throughout your life. The three most important tips about picking a diamond ring:

1. Reasonable budget

A reasonable budget allows you to have a clearer view when choosing a wedding ring, which greatly saves the time and effort for selection. You have to raise the budget for wedding for three reasons. First, you will wear it almost every day for the rest of your lives. Second, this may be the most expensive ring of your life. The most important thing is that the cheap ring is always easy to lose (I will never put expensive rings carelessly!).

2. Looking great on your fingers is the only standard

If you are fond of some brand, it is very easy for you to pick the wedding bands from them. Tell your SA about your budget, let him show you all the rings that match the price, and all you have to do is put them all in your hand. The most beautiful and comfortable one that makes you feel “Yes! This is it!” is your wedding ring.

3. Material and style

Wedding rings are usually made of gold or platinum with either a single diamond or small diamonds in different numbers and positions. The wedding ring is preferred in platinum, pure and eternal, never fading and worn without damage. Platinum can lasts a long time.。

If you don’t particularly like a brand and want to find your own unique wedding ring, then I will introduce a few famous brands like Harry Winston, BVLGARI, Cartier, Tiffany and some other affordable unique brands for you to choose.

  1. Harry Winston 

Harry Winston aka “King of diamonds” is a super-jewelry brand for more than a hundred years. Queen Elizabeth, the Duke of Windsor and other royal aristocrats are a fan of Harry Winston jewelry.

This is the HW classic diamond ring, signed by Harry Winston personally, making life happier and more perfect in the future. $1800+

Simple design with few small diamonds, price over 2000$—4500$

Multi diamonds rings series, Price above 6000$


Italy’s Bulgari is one of the world’s three major jewelry brands. Their design is bold and unique, distinguished and classical. It combines classical and modern features, breaks through the rigorous rules of traditional academic design, and is inspired by the Greek elegance, the Italian Renaissance and the 19th century metallurgical techniques to create the unique style of Bulgari.

The SERPENTI series symbolizes the endless love of guarding the heart. Price 5000 usd+

The Marryme collection expresses its deep love with platinum and diamonds and conveys the yearning for eternal love. Its design style is bold and unique, and it has a sense of architecture. Like its name, it expresses feelings directly and strongly, and the perfect proportion gives it a refined and elegant taste. Price 1500 usd+

  • Cartier

Founded in France in 1847, Cartier is world leader in jewelry, watches and accessories, and enjoys the reputation of “the emperor’s jeweler” or “the jeweler’s emperor”. Cartier’s wedding band is less available and the design is simple and straightforward.

Cartier’s most classic love series wedding ring, unique screw design, exquisite workmanship, symbolizes the declaration of love. More than $1000 without diamond, $3800 with diamonds

Engraved Cartier brand name series Platinum diamond-free $2210, platinum with diamonds $2560.

4. Tiffany&Co.

The king of diamonds, whose theme is love and beauty, romance and dreams, has swept the world. Its ring meets both artistic beauty and feminine softness and is the dream of women all over the world. There are many options to choose from, a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. If the budget is not enough, it is a good choice to choose a big brand Tiffany

Tiffany & Co Band Ring 3mm wide Platinum $1350 Diamond $1650

Tiffany has a lot of styles with diamonds, and all kinds of gems are used. It is suitable for a girl who doesn’t like simple rings.

  1. Pandora rings

Everyone knows more about Pandora’s bracelet than the rings, although their wedding rings are quite good. Each ring is designed according to the season, giving it a more appropriate meaning. The large price range also makes the choice more. Price 200 usd+

  • Classic Heart Wedding Rings

925 sterling silver thick plated three-layer platinum is not allergic and does not fade, the edge of the ring is polished with high quality, comfortable to wear, top-grade zircon

  • NSCD Diamond Rings

The degree of simulation is very high and the natural diamonds are almost indistinguishable for the naked eye. It successfully applies the ideal cutting standard of diamond to the top cubic crystal zirconia spar. Each NSCD diamond has excellent transparency and perfect matching of the cut surface. It is scattered from the inside to the outside to form a gorgeous star-shaped star, cross star, and nine hearts, flower and other patterns. And its price is only 10% of the real diamond and is a very suitable diamond substitute.


The purpose of this article is to help the anxious newcomers who have to buy a wedding ring by sharing tips and my buying experience, and sort out some of the styles I like. However, no matter whether it is a wedding ring or a diamond ring, it is not a necessity for marriage. The most important thing is the love they share!

The purpose of this article is to help the anxious newcomers who have to buy a wedding ring by sharing tips and my buying experience, and sort out some of the styles I like. However, no matter whether it is a wedding ring or a diamond ring, it is not a necessity for marriage. The most important thing is the love they share!

A Perfect Diamond Wedding Ring

Want to be romantic and inexpensive? How to choose a wedding ring?

The marriage proposal at the wedding is always the most anticipated and romantic scene of the event. Every detail is full of love and affection. However if, in this scene, a beautiful wedding ring is missing, the wedding could end up with regret, because the wedding ring is the soul of the wedding.

Wedding rings are very important. They are like love tokens, so everyone plan to buy it beforehand. However, many find it a bit out of budget. You will need a massive amount for the wedding, after deducting other charges for weddings, the redundancy money for wedding rings are scarce. Therefore, it’s quite considerate to get a romantic wedding ring with limited expense.

If you simply choose the wedding ring from the restricted budget, the gold or platinum rings will become your suitable choice. Everyone can easily afford the price of several hundred dollars. However, gold rings are looked as “out of fashion” things in the eyes of young people. Even the exquisite gold rings cannot evoke young couples’s desire. As for the platinum wedding ring, although it has a love feature, it’s difficult to amaze the guests. When it comes to the romantic diamond wedding ring, it still is the most appropriate choice.

Many people are worried that the diamond ring is “too expensive”.  We must admit one fact; diamonds are more expensive than gold and platinum but if you know how to give up some dispensable things, then this problem can be solved very well. For example, we can give up the “size”, it is impossible to buy a big carats diamond ring with a small price. There are so many people in fond of small diamond rings like 50cts ones; they are also a good choice, not too big nor too small. Or, you can use the same amount of 50cts real diamond ring to buy a 3carats big well-cut, sparkling nscd diamond ring as it is really difficult to distinguish between the real diamond and nscd diamond.

In addition, with the limited budget, we must also give up the international big brands, and choose a special brand which will make the wedding ring more meaningful, such as NSCD diamond, the love of one person to the highest promise in life. This unique romance deeply touched a lot of men and women.

In short, the diamond ring is still the most popular wedding ring; we should not be too “stubborn” when choosing the diamond ring, but only choose the wedding ring that suits you, here are some of most popular designer style inexpensive diamond wedding rings by Gullei.com

Graduation Gift for Girls “Seed Beaded Bracelets”

Graduation season is coming !! let’s wear friendship bracelets together to say goodbye.

Does looking at various articles on the network remind you of your campus? Can you recall your campus life? Are you still in contact with your classmate or roommate with whom you study, play games, do experiments with together? There is such a bracelet, it is born for friendship, it will remind you of your friends with whom you cried, laughed, and did the craziest thing! On the wrists of those who take part in open-air concerts or on the wrists of street photographers, there are often bracelets made of colorful ropes, some with tassels or beads, and several worn together. These very eye-catching bracelets are our super-star “Friendship Bracelets”.

In modern times, although people rarely weave their own friendship bracelets, they have become a beautiful thing that shows youth and personality. Friendship Bracelet is now designed with a variety of beautiful patterns and decorated with tassels or glass beads. For example, Princess Kate has worn the friendship bracelet more than once. She used a red and blue bracelet with a red suit to add a youthful and free-spirited look.

The mix of friendship bracelets is extremely popular, especially with bohemian outfits or cool summer outfits. Model Alexander Ambrosio also chose a number of friendship bracelets to mix and match, and the hot pants with phosphors, the color is so bright that no one ignore her.

White dresses, white shirts, and white T-shirts are all basic summer clothing. If you are worried that the colors are too light, you can take a few friendship bracelets with beautiful patterns which will immediately add color to your outfit.

If you are tired of the multicolored braided friendship bracelet, try the Japanese miyuki mini glass bead bracelet. The Miyuki bracelets are all chained with small beads, rounded shapes, without edges and corners, and look super cute. It can be woven into a variety of patterns; such as the following picture:


You also mix and match a variety of colors into a single dainty bracelet, which is quite chic whether it is a single belt or a variety of stacks.


You can also mix it with your watch and leather hand bracelet.

Whether it is a simple woven rope or a cute miyuki friendship bracelet, the unique “friendship” of pure hand-woven bracelet is the best gift for your classmates and friends. Let the friendship bracelet keep the memories of the beautiful school time you shared together in this graduation season.

You may consider viewing these unique “seed beaded friendship bracelets

Survival Paracord Bracelets “Adventure with a Style”

Men who often go on adventures might not like the word “bracelet”, mainly because of the femininity and feminine products that emerged from the word. However, if you look back, you will find that the history if full of men wearing bracelets. Ancient men used to wear bracelets to ward off evil. In the Bronze Age, bracelets were a symbol of identity; during the Second World War, American soldiers were given a bracelet that showed their identity. After the war,bracelets became a fashion.

Today, we prefer arm accessories because they can serve more practical purposes besides fashion, just like your other EDC equipment. When you are exploring the outdoors, the paracord survival bracelet that you bring out casually may inadvertently save your life.

So we discussed few unique bracelets available on the market, ranging from the most basic to the final emergency preparation.

Laser infrared SOS survival bracelet

The shape is simply stylish and the appearance is fashionable. In the general survival bracelet, additional functions are added, such as laser infrared: the range can be up to 2 kilometers, and it can be used for signaling at a distance in the wild, asking for assistance, asking for help, indicating orientation. The function of the UV lamp can help detect fluorescent agents, counterfeit money, and outdoor capture tweezers. High-bright led lighting can cover up to 20 meters; can be used continuously for 7 hours, general lighting, strobe, SOS international general distress signal three-speed mode coverage all available.

The mirror on the buckle has a small area but excellent reflection effect. It can survive in the wild and ask for help. The position of the portable card-receiving pin and the USB charging port waterproof plug is suitable for the place and is practical.

Lighter paracord survival bracelet

This outdoor survival bracelet consists of a simple rope bracelet, a flintstone, a compass, and a cutter cord. It exudes a clean and simple temperament. Even if it is not outdoors, it is suitable for business or sportswear. I believe that many men will love to see it. With the function of the fire stick, it is also very practical to make fire outdoors at any time and place. The impromptu spring fire party wants to avoid a series of complicated and difficult fire troubles. In addition, its compass and a mix of 8 all-in-one metal tool cards can provide a lot of unexpected effects and help you in your wilderness adventure.

Emergency paracord survival bracelet

If you need something a little more suitable for outdoors, but you don’t need a lot of parts, this umbrella bracelet is a good choice, equipped with a parachute containing 3.5, flint and a knife. It is made of 7 gauge 550 umbrella ropes, and the effective rated load capacity is 550 pounds. The side of the bracelet has a zigzag design that can be used as a mini saw in an emergency and can also be used to cut a parachute. If you are lost in a jungle, you can also use some traps to hunt animals. Whether you choose to travel on weekends or go on hiking, this umbrella bracelet is your best helper.

Super multifunctional paracord survival bracelet

If there is a bracelet that can be named “ultimate” I am sure that this is the one. It is made entirely of a 3.2-meter parachute with 2 different size hooks, 30-foot 10-pound fishing line, 2 floats, 2 sinkers, compass, led and fire sticks and hay velvet The bundle (for firing), oh! And almost forgot, two pins, a medical kit with alcohol swabs for minor wounds. All of these features are on a bracelet, can you imagine?

Whether you need to pack your luggage outdoors, illuminate the road ahead in the dark, or signal a warning, this rope bracelet can help you. A survival bracelet is not only a decorative item but also a personal survival kit. It is made of military-grade parachute rope material. In daily life, you can wear it for as a fashion accessory. In an emergency, unscrew the button, the paracord can be unfolded into a rope, and its high load-bearing capacity, in addition to helping you fix the tent, is an indispensable assistant for your outdoor adventure.

Check out few of most popular Survival Bracelets offered by Gullei.com

Where to Get Bond Touch Long Distance Relationship Bracelet

Are you in a long-distance relationship? Do you feel lonely and helpless as how to show your feelings to your loved one? Well, not anymore. Bond Touch Bracelets are here to make you feel your partner’s presence anywhere, anytime. A small bracelet to close big distances.

A Bond touch bracelet comes in a pair of two and responds to touch. You keep one, and you give one to your partner. When you touch them, they feel it no matter where they are. How do they work? Well, first it needs you and your partner to be wearing your bracelets and have the app running on your smartphones. Then, you will simply have to tap on the bracelet and your partner will receive it as a vibration on their bracelet.

Bond touch bracelet comes in different styles. What is unique about this bracelet is that it lights up with 9 different colors with each color representing your mood.

So, thanks to Bond Touch Bracelets, long distance is not that long any more!!

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The Ultimate Guide To Buying The Perfect Engagement Ring

If you are reading this article then most probably you have found ‘the one’. You are ready to pop the question. Going down on one knee and pull an engagement ring out of your pocket to ask the love of your life to be your wife. Congratulations!

But wait a second, if you are ready to propose, then have you put any thought about buying the perfect ring? A ring that will make your partner say ‘yes’ and fall in love with it instantly!

We know most of you guys feel lost and overcome at the prospect of entering a jewelry store let alone buy an engagement ring! Well you don’t have to worry anymore, we got some tips and tricks up our sleeve to help you through this maze.

1. Determine your Budget

First, you have to determine how much you are going to spend on a ring for your fiancé-to-be. You should have a clear view of your priorities. Does your partner likes a particular style of rings? Are you willing to sacrifice a bit on quality in order to get a large diamond? Or maybe go for gold and a simpler band to make the budget a little less.

Some rings start as low as 47.00$ and depending upon different factors go up high as 199$, you will find handpicked low budget nscd diamond rings at the bottom of this article.

Know the “4 Cs”

The 4 C’s of a diamond stand for the cut, clarity, carat, and color grades. These four factors determine the final price of the diamond and overall look of your stone.

2. Shapes Do Matter

Diamonds are cut into ten standard shapes. The most common choice of them is the round one and because it is so popular, it is around 40% more expensive than the rest of the shapes.

Check out these popular choices for different ring shapes:

3. Deciding Between Gold or Platinum Bands

Consider the setting metal. It could be white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, or platinum. The latter material is the most expensive and the most resilient, but you should look at what your girlfriend usually prefers wearing.

4. Add a Personal Touch

So you found your type of ring but you want to change it up a little say that you want to customize the ring by adding a little engraving for a unique touch. It will cost you a little extra and maybe more time but it’s totally possible!

5.     Find a Jeweler

The final part of your ring search ends at the jewelry store. Ask your friends or family to recommend their trustworthy jewelers. And if you find no leads we have a humble opinion. Gullei.com is a great place to start. They have perfect engagement rings under $150, ship worldwide and even personalize the ring according to your choice.

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Perfect Christmas Gifts Ideas for Couples

Beginning your marriage or engagement right is simple on the off chance that you definitely know one another extremely well. With Christmas Day coming up, it may be the opportune time to get couple rings to praise your engagement or marriage. The thought of getting couples rings bodes well, particularly on the off chance that you don’t yet have a wedding band. For recently wedded couples, the way that they as of now have wedding bands implies that a couple’s accessory with a coordinating configuration would make a decent blessing.

For Christmas Day, on the grounds that you were as of late hitched does not mean you don’t have to give one another a blessing. Now and then, being recently hitched implies you need to show a greater amount of your adoration for your accomplice. Straightforward blessings like couples rings would then make extraordinary presents for your accomplice.

Coordinating things are incredible on the grounds that they demonstrate that both of you are a couple; they are adorable and commonly simple to discover. A few couples tend to purchase coordinating things from their attire to even toiletries. Along these lines, with regards to Christmas Day blessings like adornments, a coordinating “couples necklaces” and/or “couples bracelets” would be great decisions for them.

Talking about decisions, there are numerous bits of gems for couples to browse. Producers of Christmas Day gifts know the requirement for coordinating things for couples. This implies there are a lot of gems and different Christmas endowments to browse. You can either peruse the determination on the blessing area of your nearby shopping center or attempt an online store and see exactly how changed the decisions are.

You don’t have to hunt high and down and out the spot to purchase you’re coordinating Christmas Day blessings. There are online stores particularly taking into account the needs of couples. They make rings and accessories and different bits of gems intended to be combines. These sets mean couples can without much of a stretch locate the right present for one another.

Redone coordinating adornments is likewise accessible either online or off the web. These customized bits of adornments are awesome in light of the fact that you can request coordinating rings or pieces of jewelry that would be interesting for you two. They may cost more than the standard rings or pieces of jewelry, however the way that they are genuinely exceptional more than compensates at the expanded cost. The decision is dependent upon you on the off chance that you need a tweaked one or not and it may rely on upon your financial plan and different elements.

Imprinting an uncommon message or both the couple’s names includes an interesting individual touch and numerous couple have their “rings set engraved“. The message can be as basic and as individual as you prefer – your two names, or maybe an expression that has an extraordinary importance only for you. Though most imprinting is done within the ring, a striking impact is to have the outside of the rings engraved.

There are likewise some more handy issues you ought to consider when looking for rings. You may need to pick in the middle of yellow and white metal, to coordinate a watch or different bits of gems. In the event that one of you works with your hands, you might need to pick an outline that won’t effectively trap earth or get to be discolored. What’s more, consider what’s to come. How imperative is it to you to have a ring that will even now be chic and in vogue in a quarter century now?

Couples rings don’t should be expand or costly. In some cases the most straightforward outline says all that needs to be said of all – that your adoration and duty is a lasting thing.

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