Graduation Gift for Girls “Seed Beaded Bracelets”

Graduation season is coming !! let’s wear friendship bracelets together to say goodbye.

Does looking at various articles on the network remind you of your campus? Can you recall your campus life? Are you still in contact with your classmate or roommate with whom you study, play games, do experiments with together? There is such a bracelet, it is born for friendship, it will remind you of your friends with whom you cried, laughed, and did the craziest thing! On the wrists of those who take part in open-air concerts or on the wrists of street photographers, there are often bracelets made of colorful ropes, some with tassels or beads, and several worn together. These very eye-catching bracelets are our super-star “Friendship Bracelets”.

In modern times, although people rarely weave their own friendship bracelets, they have become a beautiful thing that shows youth and personality. Friendship Bracelet is now designed with a variety of beautiful patterns and decorated with tassels or glass beads. For example, Princess Kate has worn the friendship bracelet more than once. She used a red and blue bracelet with a red suit to add a youthful and free-spirited look.

The mix of friendship bracelets is extremely popular, especially with bohemian outfits or cool summer outfits. Model Alexander Ambrosio also chose a number of friendship bracelets to mix and match, and the hot pants with phosphors, the color is so bright that no one ignore her.

White dresses, white shirts, and white T-shirts are all basic summer clothing. If you are worried that the colors are too light, you can take a few friendship bracelets with beautiful patterns which will immediately add color to your outfit.

If you are tired of the multicolored braided friendship bracelet, try the Japanese miyuki mini glass bead bracelet. The Miyuki bracelets are all chained with small beads, rounded shapes, without edges and corners, and look super cute. It can be woven into a variety of patterns; such as the following picture:

You also mix and match a variety of colors into a single dainty bracelet, which is quite chic whether it is a single belt or a variety of stacks.

You can also mix it with your watch and leather hand bracelet.

Whether it is a simple woven rope or a cute miyuki friendship bracelet, the unique “friendship” of pure hand-woven bracelet is the best gift for your classmates and friends. Let the friendship bracelet keep the memories of the beautiful school time you shared together in this graduation season.

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Survival Paracord Bracelets “Adventure with a Style”

Men who often go on adventures might not like the word “bracelet”, mainly because of the femininity and feminine products that emerged from the word. However, if you look back, you will find that the history if full of men wearing bracelets. Ancient men used to wear bracelets to ward off evil. In the Bronze Age, bracelets were a symbol of identity; during the Second World War, American soldiers were given a bracelet that showed their identity. After the war,bracelets became a fashion.

Today, we prefer arm accessories because they can serve more practical purposes besides fashion, just like your other EDC equipment. When you are exploring the outdoors, the paracord survival bracelet that you bring out casually may inadvertently save your life.

So we discussed few unique bracelets available on the market, ranging from the most basic to the final emergency preparation.

Laser infrared SOS survival bracelet

The shape is simply stylish and the appearance is fashionable. In the general survival bracelet, additional functions are added, such as laser infrared: the range can be up to 2 kilometers, and it can be used for signaling at a distance in the wild, asking for assistance, asking for help, indicating orientation. The function of the UV lamp can help detect fluorescent agents, counterfeit money, and outdoor capture tweezers. High-bright led lighting can cover up to 20 meters; can be used continuously for 7 hours, general lighting, strobe, SOS international general distress signal three-speed mode coverage all available.

The mirror on the buckle has a small area but excellent reflection effect. It can survive in the wild and ask for help. The position of the portable card-receiving pin and the USB charging port waterproof plug is suitable for the place and is practical.

Lighter paracord survival bracelet

This outdoor survival bracelet consists of a simple rope bracelet, a flintstone, a compass, and a cutter cord. It exudes a clean and simple temperament. Even if it is not outdoors, it is suitable for business or sportswear. I believe that many men will love to see it. With the function of the fire stick, it is also very practical to make fire outdoors at any time and place. The impromptu spring fire party wants to avoid a series of complicated and difficult fire troubles. In addition, its compass and a mix of 8 all-in-one metal tool cards can provide a lot of unexpected effects and help you in your wilderness adventure.

Emergency paracord survival bracelet

If you need something a little more suitable for outdoors, but you don’t need a lot of parts, this umbrella bracelet is a good choice, equipped with a parachute containing 3.5, flint and a knife. It is made of 7 gauge 550 umbrella ropes, and the effective rated load capacity is 550 pounds. The side of the bracelet has a zigzag design that can be used as a mini saw in an emergency and can also be used to cut a parachute. If you are lost in a jungle, you can also use some traps to hunt animals. Whether you choose to travel on weekends or go on hiking, this umbrella bracelet is your best helper.

Super multifunctional paracord survival bracelet

If there is a bracelet that can be named “ultimate” I am sure that this is the one. It is made entirely of a 3.2-meter parachute with 2 different size hooks, 30-foot 10-pound fishing line, 2 floats, 2 sinkers, compass, led and fire sticks and hay velvet The bundle (for firing), oh! And almost forgot, two pins, a medical kit with alcohol swabs for minor wounds. All of these features are on a bracelet, can you imagine?

Whether you need to pack your luggage outdoors, illuminate the road ahead in the dark, or signal a warning, this rope bracelet can help you. A survival bracelet is not only a decorative item but also a personal survival kit. It is made of military-grade parachute rope material. In daily life, you can wear it for as a fashion accessory. In an emergency, unscrew the button, the paracord can be unfolded into a rope, and its high load-bearing capacity, in addition to helping you fix the tent, is an indispensable assistant for your outdoor adventure.

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Where to Get Bond Touch Long Distance Relationship Bracelet

Are you in a long-distance relationship? Do you feel lonely and helpless as how to show your feelings to your loved one? Well, not anymore. Bond Touch Bracelets are here to make you feel your partner’s presence anywhere, anytime. A small bracelet to close big distances.

A Bond touch bracelet comes in a pair of two and responds to touch. You keep one, and you give one to your partner. When you touch them, they feel it no matter where they are. How do they work? Well, first it needs you and your partner to be wearing your bracelets and have the app running on your smartphones. Then, you will simply have to tap on the bracelet and your partner will receive it as a vibration on their bracelet.

Bond touch bracelet comes in different styles. What is unique about this bracelet is that it lights up with 9 different colors with each color representing your mood.

So, thanks to Bond Touch Bracelets, long distance is not that long any more!!

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