A Fashion Bracelet with USB Feature!

In the past, everyone used to go out with three things: cell phone, keys and wallet. With the development of technology, smart password fingerprint locks replaced the keys, and cashless payment methods replaced wallets. Now our lives are all driven by mobile phones.

I believe everyone knows the fear that is associated with the icon below.

As long as you use your mobile phone outside, this problem will inevitably occur! For a friend who has “nomophobia – ‘no-mobile phobia”, this can’t be endured for a second! So most people will choose to bring charging cables with them. But here comes another problem:  the charging cable that is randomly thrown inside the bag often takes ages to find and is often inextricably linked with the headphone cable, such as this:

Another problem is that no matter how many data lines you buy, you can’t avoid it eventually disappearing! You know what I am talking about.

However, all of this has a solution, wearable USB cable!


It looks like a braided bracelet but in fact it is a data cable. It comes in a variety of colors, from bright red, low-key black to cool camouflage green. The interface covers the type-c(iPhone), and the micro-USB (Android)


With this USB cable bracelet, you can charge your dead phone whether you are out for an afternoon tea, outdoor adventure, work or travel. It’s convenient and classy at the same time.

A Perfect Diamond Wedding Ring

Want to be romantic and inexpensive? How to choose a wedding ring?

The marriage proposal at the wedding is always the most anticipated and romantic scene of the event. Every detail is full of love and affection. However if, in this scene, a beautiful wedding ring is missing, the wedding could end up with regret, because the wedding ring is the soul of the wedding.

Wedding rings are very important. They are like love tokens, so everyone plan to buy it beforehand. However, many find it a bit out of budget. You will need a massive amount for the wedding, after deducting other charges for weddings, the redundancy money for wedding rings are scarce. Therefore, it’s quite considerate to get a romantic wedding ring with limited expense.

If you simply choose the wedding ring from the restricted budget, the gold or platinum rings will become your suitable choice. Everyone can easily afford the price of several hundred dollars. However, gold rings are looked as “out of fashion” things in the eyes of young people. Even the exquisite gold rings cannot evoke young couples’s desire. As for the platinum wedding ring, although it has a love feature, it’s difficult to amaze the guests. When it comes to the romantic diamond wedding ring, it still is the most appropriate choice.

Many people are worried that the diamond ring is “too expensive”.  We must admit one fact; diamonds are more expensive than gold and platinum but if you know how to give up some dispensable things, then this problem can be solved very well. For example, we can give up the “size”, it is impossible to buy a big carats diamond ring with a small price. There are so many people in fond of small diamond rings like 50cts ones; they are also a good choice, not too big nor too small. Or, you can use the same amount of 50cts real diamond ring to buy a 3carats big well-cut, sparkling nscd diamond ring as it is really difficult to distinguish between the real diamond and nscd diamond.

In addition, with the limited budget, we must also give up the international big brands, and choose a special brand which will make the wedding ring more meaningful, such as NSCD diamond, the love of one person to the highest promise in life. This unique romance deeply touched a lot of men and women.

In short, the diamond ring is still the most popular wedding ring; we should not be too “stubborn” when choosing the diamond ring, but only choose the wedding ring that suits you, here are some of most popular designer style inexpensive diamond wedding rings by Gullei.com